Weider SW70 Heat Pumps

Brand: Weider

Pump Type: Ground to water


Heat Pumps from Weider – Ultimate Efficiency from the Industry Pioneer.  The more efficient the heat pump, the lower the heating costs and CO2 emissions. Weider heat pumps deliver the ultimate in efficiency through environmentally safe energy which is sourced from the heart of nature, turning gardens into natural energy providers.

Thermal energy stored in the earth’s crust during the course of millions of years and topped up with solar energy or energy extracted from ambient air is used to efficiently heat buildings. See for yourself what the manufacturer of highly efficient heat pumps can do for you!

Product Description

  • New builds/redevelopments, single-family houses to blocks of flats
  • Ground brine: Heating output 5.9 – 16.9 kW
  • Groundwater: Heating output 7.7 – 22.3 kW
  • Ground brine supply temperature: up to 55°C
  • Groundwater supply temperature: up to 60°C
  • Passive cooling during the summer with an additional cooling set

Additional Information



Pump Type

Ground to water


5kw to 10kw