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MCZ Thor Wood Stove


Compact wood-fuelled stove with an elliptical design and fitted with a combustion control via a single concealed lever, an automatic closure handle and a handy wood compartment. Black or Silver painted casing.

This stove is available in the NATURAL, COMFORT AIR versions.

Natural: Heat is transmitted to the environment by natural convection: rising from the stove, the warm air is diffused uniformly and naturally into the environment.

Comfort air: Thanks to the patented Comfort Air system, hot air is channeled in other rooms, even if they are unconnected. This consitutes a real heating system (optional kit).

Product Description

  • Fuel type: Wood
  • Nominal heat output at max: 7.20 kW
  • Nominal heat output max: 3.50 kW
  • Nominal performance: 83.10%
  • Hourly consumption at min: 0.90 kg/h
  • Hourly consumption at max: 2.00 kg/h
  • Heatable volume: 177 m³ (*)
  • Diameter of smoke outlet pipe: 15 cm
  • Fire box dimensions: 35x24xH.43 cm
  • Weight: 110 kg
  • Suggested draughtsystem: 12-0.12 Pa-mbar
  • Smoke temperature: 230 ºC
  • Massive smoke capacity: 6.9 g/s

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