ETA PU 7-15kw

Efficiency: 95%

Thermal Power: 7-15kw


A complete boiler room in the boiler A heating circuit pump (energy efficiency class A)with mixing valve, expansion tank (18 litres), safety devices and diverter valve to the hot water tank are all built into the boiler and ready for operation – a compact “boiler room” in the boiler with minimal installation costs. Even a second heating circuit inside the PelletsUnit is possible. With its noiseless ceramic ignition, the PelletsUnit doesn’t need a room of its own. Make your boiler room multifunctional Since the PelletsUnit needs less space, there’s more space in the new boiler room for your hobby. With an external combustion air supply, the PelletsUnit can even be operated in a living space with controlled ventilation.

Product Description

1) vacuum turbine for filling pellets
2) day bin for pellets
3) hot stainless steel combustion chamber
4) air connection
5) automatic cleaning
6) automatic ash disposal
7) circulation pump (energy efficiency class A)
8) diverter valve
9) all safety devices included
10) exhaust temperature sensor

A) patented rotating grate
B) rotary valve
C) draft fan
D) lambda probe
E) complete control
F) noiseless ignition with ceramic igniter

Additional Information



Fuel Type

Wood Pellet

Heating Type

Pellet Boilers



Nominal Thermal Power


Weight (kg)



5kw to 10kw