Ekopower Ekoheat 900 boiler 2.5-9.4kw

Efficiency: 92.40%

Thermal Power: 2.5-9.4kw


The Ekoheat 900 (2.5 to 9.4 kW) is EkopowerÂ’s smallest boiler, ideal for smaller sized houses or highly insulated houses. The pellet burner and supply auger are always supplied as a kit, which can be mounted on the right or left side.

The flue outlet can be mounted on the top or the back of the boiler. The hopper for wood pellets can be placed either side of the boiler and is available in two sizes; 160 kg and 320 kg.

    Product Description

    The Ekoheat 900 is approved accordingly to EN 303-5 by the DTI (Danish Technology Institute) and has achieved the AA in environment and energy. Additionally, the Ekoheat is one of the few heating systems meeting such high results necessary for the strict Austrian market, which has extra tough demands on the emission of pollutants, as measured in NOx values. (NOx = Nitrogen oxides).

    There is minimal maintenance required for this self- cleaning burner system. The burner enclosure opens easily, as the face-plate is simply lifted off the front of the boiler, then the burner can be taken out easily via handles on both sides. If you need access to the flue channels the top plate can be removed easily. The ash tray is also easily lifted out for emptying.

    EkopowerÂ’s Ekoheat 900 wood pellet boiler operates at 92.4% efficiency. The Ekoheat is fully automatic in its operation. On start up, an electric heater ignites the pellets and the digital controller manages the entire operation. Pellets are fed into the burner in measured amounts to ensure an controlled burn. The boiler is fully modulating so that the feed rate of pellets is varied, depending on the boiler temperature and heating demand.

    Ekopower has significantly reduced the need for manual cleaning of the boiler. All biomass boilers, regardless of make, must be cleaned regularly to ensure efficient and safe operation. The wood pellet boiler has easy access to all maintenance points. The burner is designed to be easily opened by hand.

    All boiler functions can be controlled from the touchscreen digital controller that is located at the top of the boiler and provides user friendly detailed operation of the boiler.

    Additional Information



    Fuel Type

    Wood Pellet

    Heating Type

    Pellet Boilers



    Nominal Thermal Power


    Weight (kg)



    5kw to 10kw