Dimplex LA 6 MI 6kW

Brand: Dimplex

Pump Type: Air to Water


The Dimplex Air-Eau range of inverterdriven air source heat pumps are designed to match output to varying heating demand. With achievable CoPs of up to 4.7, the Air-Eau provides one of the most advanced, efficient and high performance air source heat pump ranges available. Employing an inverter driven compressor to maximise heat pump efficiency enables the Air-Eau range to modulate the heat pump output to match the heating demand, so at warmer air temperatures when heating demand falls the heat pump output is reduced, which helps to improve efficiency (CoP).

Available in 6, 9, 12 and 16kW variants, Air-Eau heat pumps are supplied as a fully integrated unit, including circulation pump and expansion vessel making installations easier to carry out and less time consuming.

Product Description

  • Dimplex LA 6 MI outdoor/water single phase inverter heat pump
  • Superior efficiency performance with CoPs of up to 4.7
  • Inverter-driven compressor able to maintain heating heating output levels – even at low air temperatures – and modulate output to maximise efficiency
  • “Monobloc” heat pump unit, with intergrated heating system components built in, for ease of installation
  • Variable water flow temperatures between 35 and 55ÂșC to optimise space heating comfort, with weather-compensated flow temperature control to improve efficiency
  • Designed to work efficiency with underfloor heating, Dimplex SmartRad or conventional rediators
  • Ideal for use in conjunction with a Dimplex EC-Eau heat pump ready cylinder to produce domestic hot water
  • Low noise levels and “Night Mode” for extra low noise night-time operation
  • Easy access to electrical and plumbing connections for ease of installation


Additional Information



Pump Type

Air to Water


5kw to 10kw